Thursday January 19 2017




In view of the growing selection of items available to the public on line we decided to create a private onsite catalogue for selected registered professionals in the Decorating and Antique business. After several years of working with Galleries, Antique dealers and decorators in France, locating over 100 items and viewing over 500 weekly, we decided to create a site for your specific needs.

The principal goal of On Site Antiques is to locate items in France For You (4 U).

This site is not open to the Public, but selected registered professionals in the Decorating and Antique business.

Go to find4U and fill in the specific details of items U are searching 4, for your projects or resale. The more specific details you request will make our search 4 U easier.

We will post the items in “found4U”

More details can be requested, or items can be purchased by making your offer.
Feel free to e-mail photos of similar items you are looking for.

All items will still be available at the dealer unless you specifically request the item to be put on hold for a specific period (short periods only).

Most of the items selected are negotiated to a maximum before being posted, so very little room for negotiation is available.

Due to the closing of auction houses, antique dealers and markets, during the month of August our offices are closed.


You will find our On Site Antiques Paris gallery items posted in the general catalogue.

Our Office/Gallery is located
58 Rue de L’ Université,
75007 Paris France.
+33 1 53 63 10 45

We welcome decorators to visit upon appointment.